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On this “About” page, we are going to tell you a little more about the foundations of Zone Bitcoin, why we created it and who are the people behind this magnificent magazine? (A little humor and lightness doesn't hurt).

We are convinced that Bitcoin can change the world in a positive way. We believe that blockchain is a technology that has enormous potential and an immense field of applications.

It is a technology that can contribute as much on an individual scale as on a national and international scale.

Because the world is already in turmoil regarding the use of Bitcoin, we decided to participate in our own way, even if we are only a small piece in this large building.

How to achieve this? By offering information. We know that information can sometimes be limited and that not everyone has the same opportunity to access any knowledge. This is precisely what pushed us to create this magazine, which is above all a knowledge space dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. Knowledge of blockchain is today reserved for an elite, we want to break down these walls, in a way.

Quite simply, to inform you is our mission. Give you as much information as possible so that this technology becomes, if not simpler to understand, at least more familiar in our minds.

The Zone Bitcoin blog does not claim to have all the answers, of course.

We'll do our best to report on this busy moment with reporting, critical analysis, and lively debate among staff and contributors, including blockchain experts, seasoned journalists, and keen bitcoin enthusiasts.

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback, opinions and even share your tips, corrections, and even dare to complain and criticize some of our articles or our judgments. Yes, yes, it’s your right!

More than just a blog, Zone Bitcoin wants to be your partner in your learning and understanding of the world of digital currencies.

Our goal is to democratize knowledge around Bitcoin and, ultimately, to help you as much as possible to build real financial wealth with cryptocurrencies.

Every year, we like to publish the “summary” of our year. This serves as a guide and allows us to improve over time. If you are interested, you can read our two reports:

ZoneBitcoin celebrated its 3rd anniversary in 2021 and since then, the adventure continues. In 2022, to celebrate our 4th year of existence, we are still here and hope to stay that way for as long as possible. In 2023 and now 2024, we are still here.

Our borders?

None ! We want to help all French-speaking people understand and master cryptocurrencies! Whether you are in France, America, Asia or Africa, Zone Bitcoin is for you!

Whether you have an idea or suggestion to submit to us, we are open to any discussion. You can also write to us so that we can talk about your business or anything else. You can also apply for become an editorr (when we are looking for contributors).

✉️ Our contact email: info@zonebitcoin.co

Ines and Crépin, founders of Zonebitcoin.co magazine

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