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AgoraDesk: A P2P platform to buy and sell bitcoin without KYC

The tutorial for using Agoradesk
18th November 2023

Launched in 2019, AgoraDesk is becoming more and more important because registration and use do not require KYC or even registration by email. This then makes it a prime alternative for those looking to exchange bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat currency, while remaining anonymous.

There are many peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms to buy and sell Bitcoin. The key is to find a reliable and user-friendly platform that has enough users to find offers that suit us.

Today we share our review of the AgoraDesk platform, which is a platform that is gaining popularity among bitcoiners.

In this review, we will explore the functionalities, the use cases, its advantages and of course the disadvantages. We also present a tutorial to know how to use the platform correctly.

Presentation of the AgoraDesk platform

AgoraDesk was created by the team behind LocalMonero, which is a P2P platform that allows the exchange – as its name suggests – of Monero (XMR). The team then had some experience with this type of platform to set up AgoraDesk. This explains why on the platform, you can also choose to display offers for Monero and Bitcoin. It's up to you to choose what you want to display.

agora desk platform review

A P2P platform means that it is a platform that serves as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. By using such a platform, you are not buying directly from the AgoraDesk company but from individuals who are also looking to sell or buy bitcoin.

Thus, AgoraDesk ensures a significant level of confidentiality for Bitcoin users by guaranteeing the security and anonymity of transactions.

AgoraDesk: Buy and sell Bitcoin without providing your identity documents

As we mentioned in the introduction, AgoraDesk is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for trading bitcoin. The platform allows you to exchange bitcoins without having to follow the KYC/AML process. You do not need to send your identity documents to buy or sell your bitcoins. It is also not necessary to register by entering an email, something quite rare on platforms in general. However, you can decide to do this if you want to receive notifications or be sure to find your password.

The AgoraDesk platform, like other P2Ps, will then be used to secure transactions between people. Indeed, there is a system called (escrow and not crook!) which is used to release funds only when both parties agree. This then avoids potential scams and theft and this explains why it is recommended to use P2P platforms.

What are AgoraDesk’s security guarantees?

AgoraDesk is also appreciated for its concern for user security. Thus, the platform applies high standards when it comes to fraud prevention. For example, in the case of these disputes (which may exist) where AgoraDesk will have to arbitrate, it is uncompromising with the evidence provided.

An example screenshot that could have been falsified will then be rejected. This approach, considered severe, also helps deter potential fraudsters.

This reinforces the trust and feeling of security that one can have for the platform.

What are the AgoraDesk fees?

Comparing Agoradesk with other peer-to-peer platforms, we can note that it is one of the cheapest on the market.

Anyone can use the platform for buying and reselling bitcoin for free. Thus, transaction fees to user wallets are free (apart from network fees which are not the responsibility of the platform).

💰 The fee structure breakdown is simple and easy to understand. There are only fees for those who advertise with 1,00% of transactions and zero fees for those who respond to offers. This makes it a 100% free to use platform for people responding to ads.

The platform also does not charge fees for deposits, making it a cost-effective option for users.

💸 AgoraDesk fees have been designed to be simple and transparent and beneficial for customers. This is a huge advantage over other platforms that have complex pricing and fee offerings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AgoraDesk

– Countries supported worldwide
– Minimum deposit N/A
– Free deposit fees
– No daily purchase limit
– iOS and Android mobile application
– Ease of use
– Compatibility with Tor
– Few offers on certain payment methods

Agora Desk customer service

The platform AgoraDesk has customer service which is responsive (we tested it) and which responds quickly to user problems. It is possible to contact them by email or chat or on different social media channels.

What payment methods are accepted?

AgoraDesk supports multiple payment methods like bank transfers or local currency payments. The platform supports over 60 payment methods, including credit card options and PayPal, making it easier for users without access to traditional banking services to trade cryptocurrencies.

However, it is important to note that there may be limitations on bank transfers depending on your location.

What about user privacy?

The fact that the team launched a P2P platform focused on Monero already shows some concern for anonymity and policy. Thus, the platform is also accessible via the Tor and I2P portals for users who wish to do so and who wish to hide their IP addresses.

The other important fact to remember is the fact that the platform also does not require registering with an email address, which further protects users' privacy.

As for mobile applications on iOS and Android, they are free and open source software with the Apache 2.0 license.

👉 To register for free on AgoraDesk, click here.

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously on AgoraDesk (steps to follow)

To use AgoraDesk, the process is quite simple and user-friendly, even for a beginner. You will certainly have to become familiar if it is the first P2P platform but this will be done relatively quickly, rest assured.

👉 Step 1: Registration

You can register for free on AgoraDesk by clicking here.

There, you must enter a username, an email (which is not obligatory but which is still practical nonetheless) and a password. Accept the AgoraDesk terms of use then click on Register
If you inserted an email, go to your inbox to confirm it by clicking on the confirmation link.

So! You can now start using AgoraDesk.

👉 Step 2: Choose the offer

On the home page you will see the list of all available offers. You can filter offers according to different criteria:

  • The currency you want;
  • The geographic location of your interlocutor;
  • The desired payment method;

You can also select “All Online Offers” if you are not sure which filters you want.

Then, all you have to do is choose the offer that suits you best, also taking the bitcoin price displayed and desired by the seller/buyer.

Tip: Choose a trader with a number of transactions and a good rating (stars).

👉 Step 3: Confirm offer

By choosing the offer, you will then see more information about the ad with the person's conditions. If you don't agree, you can go back and choose another person.

If you agree with the conditions, click on the “Send Request” button. Read them carefully once again and tap “Accept terms”.

👉 Step 4: Start the transaction

Now you will be asked to enter the payment wallet address. This is where you will receive the bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies you have chosen). Then simply copy your address from your wallet and paste in the “Receiving address” area.

💬 Make sure the pasted address is the same as the copied address to avoid losing your bitcoins. Please note that the wallet you use for settlement of transactions must be a non-custodial wallet like BlueWallet For example. Do not choose wallets hosted/managed by third parties or exchange platforms as they simply will not be accepted.

👉 Step 5: Start the transaction

A transaction page will open in your browser. Communicate with the seller via transaction chat to ensure the seller is ready to receive your payment and to clarify any questions you have about payment.

👉 Step 6: Make a payment

Now, make the payment according to the seller's instructions and immediately tap “I paid”. This will notify the seller that payment has been completed and prevent them from canceling the transaction.

👉 Step 7: Reception

When the seller has confirmed receipt of your payment, they will initiate settlement of the transaction. At this point, you don't have to do anything else because the bitcoins will then be automatically sent to the address you provided.

This may take some time (usually around 10-60 minutes), so relax and wait for the incoming transaction to appear in your personal wallet.

👉 Step 8: Congratulations! You obtained your bitcoin without KYC.

It's good! Once the transaction has settled and you have received your bitcoins. Don't forget to leave a review of your experience with this seller, to let other people know how reliable (or not) the merchant is.

Advanced techniques to stay anonymous with Tor on AgoraDesk

For the most advanced profiles, know that you can also use Tor, free and open source software which will help you strengthen your anonymity on the internet.

You must first download and install Tor browser from the official website. After launching it, you can access AgoraDesk through their Tor portal at this address: 2jopbxfi2mrw6pfpmufm7smacrgniglr7a4raaila3kwlhlumflxfxad.onion

Note that if you choose this method, you will need to use the cash payment method. This is because when you buy by bank transfer, or via PayPal or other payment options, there will always be a privacy leak by the companies processing your payment. It is accepted that payment in cash is then the optimal payment to reinforce anonymity.

💵 For example, you can choose to make cash deposits at ATMs, meet in person or choose gift cards for example.

Final Verdict on AgoraDesk

In conclusion, AgoraDesk is an excellent peer-to-peer platform to buy or sell bitcoin without KYC. It is a free platform for users, which makes it an important advantage compared to other platforms.

The lack of KYC/AML requirements provides users with a level of anonymity which is clearly the platform's strong point.

However, on P2P platforms, always be vigilant because there is still a risk of coming across scams. Always choose traders who have good scores and reviews.

AgoraDesk FAQ

Can we cancel a transaction once it has been initiated?

If you decide to cancel a transaction that you initiated, you must contact the person directly to cancel the transaction. It should be noted that there is no refund policy, so you really want to avoid being in the position of having to cancel.

Can the Agoradesk platform manage disputes?

Of course, as on the majority of platforms, you can contact support and open a help ticket. You can contact customer support in several ways including email or directly on Telegram or Twitter for example.

You will be able to present your problem and the platform will make sure to manage the dispute between the two parties.

Is AgoraDesk available on mobile app?

Yes, Agoradesk is available in mobile version. You can use it on iOS and Android smartphones. Likewise, the Agoradesk website is optimized for mobile use and offers all the features you are looking for.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions per day?

Unlike other platforms, there are no transaction limits per day. This allows for a better user experience and gives traders some flexibility.

For some people request KYC?

We would like to immediately answer this question which can be confusing as we wrote that the platform does not require KYC. This is something that we can

In fact, although AgoraDesk does not have a strict “Know Your Customers” (KYC) policy in place requiring identity documents, there are some sellers who may ask buyers for identity verification. This is not the requirement of the AgoraDesk platform but that of sellers who prefer to negotiate with people whose identity they have a record of. This is a personal choice that buyers may decide not to follow depending on their preferences.

What is the minimum and maximum transaction amount on AgoraDesk?

This will depend on the payment methods and the volume of transactions in question. For example, if you use PayPal to buy bitcoin, then the minimum is $10 and the maximum is $1000. For bank transfers, the minimum is $100 but there is no maximum amount.

It is therefore important to check the payment method and volume restrictions before making your next transaction on Agoradesk.

We provide independent reviews of Bitcoin-related products and services without receiving any funding or sponsorship. For some links, we may receive a commission. 



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AgoraDesk is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin without KYC.

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