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What is Bitcoin: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

You hear about #bitcoin everywhere around you? The media and the press itself talk a lot about this monetary revolution. For you, it's still a vague notion and you don't completely understand the concept?

No problem. We've all been there, at first. We have therefore designed this bitcoin guide for beginners with different chapters to help you better navigate according to your needs. In this guide, everything you need to know clearly and without complicated language.

Whether you are a complete novice in the subject or someone who already has knowledge, we believe this BTC guide will be of great use to you.

Browse the different chapters in your guide to find the information you are looking for. We have tried to structure the chapters coherently, of course. That said, depending on what question is on your mind at any given moment, you can follow the chapters out of order.

You can click directly on the chapter of your choice to learn more about bitcoin.

Explore the chapters at your convenience:

Chapter 1: The origins of Bitcoin (Its history and context)

We will see here the context in which bitcoin appeared, its history and how it officially appeared. It is certainly a narrative part but it is also important to properly situate the context in which everything was created. The history of Genesis Block, by Satoshi Nakamoto, etc. This is how we realize its revolutionary aspect.

Chapter 2: Bitcoin wallets

How does it work in practice? Why is this a revolution in the financial system? How can you send BTC to someone or pay for things with it? We have written this section for all practical questions.

Chapter 3: How to buy and sell bitcoin?

In this chapter, we will see how to buy bitcoin, with different payment methods, such as payment by credit card, payment with Paypal or other methods. We also tell you the best sites where you can buy bitcoins safely. We will also see how to sell and exchange your crypto-assets.

Chapter 4: Knowing how to protect your cryptocurrencies

This chapter is reserved for the security of BTC and your cryptocurrencies in general. We therefore explain to you the difference between different types of wallets cryptos available on the market. Create your first portfolio bitcoin is a good step, certainly. However, your capital still needs to be safe. There are many people who have lost their BTC and today it's worth a fortune...

Discover all methods to protect your cryptocurrencies.

Chapter 5: How does bitcoin increase in value?

You may have bought some BTC and are looking at bitcoin prices to possibly know when it will increase in value? We explain some basic elements in this article so that you can better understand the evolution of the course. You will then be more comfortable with market volatility.

Chapter 6: Being compliant with crypto taxation

Chapter 7: How to mine bitcoin?

You certainly know that the particularity of BTC is that it can be mined. That is to say, a bit like a gold mine, you can mine bitcoins with software. At the beginning, we could  mine bitcoin directly on your computer. Over time, the difficulty emerged. Now, it's a little more complicated and you need real dedicated machines, ASIC miners for mining. Discover in this section all the articles to learn more about cryptocurrency mining.

Chapter 8: How to earn bitcoins for free?

There are several ways to obtain BTC. There are also methods to earn bitcoins for free. You can get it by mining bitcoin, by participating in sites called bitcoin faucets or even play online games to win, such as bitcoin casinos For example. We have listed on this blog all the possible ways to earn bitcoins. Look carefully, you will find some little nuggets!

Chapter 9: How to make money with BTC?

Make money with cryptocurrencies, this is a very popular question among readers of this blog. Rest assured there are several methods to make money with cryptocurrencies in general.

Chapter 10: How to trade with BTC?

For those who want to go further into the world of cryptocurrencies, there are different platforms for trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. There are also trading bots particularly interesting for trading cryptocurrencies.

Chapter 11: How to invest your bitcoins?

This is actually something new in cryptocurrencies. Today, having cryptos is like having dollars or euros. In addition, the tokenization of assets has allowed us to broaden the range of possibilities. In fact, you can today invest your cryptos in different platforms to generate interest. For example, we can buy gold with bitcoin and we can also and above all generate interest thanks to the loans of its cryptos.

Chapter 12: Spending your bitcoins in everyday life

Chapter 13: Bitcoin and the environment

Chapter 14: Learn and train

Do not hesitate to consult our list of

That’s it for this ultimate guide. There are other articles and resources to help you invest better. For example, you can read this article to avoid committing beginner's mistakes.

If Likewise, other articles on character halal of BTC, the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the difference between mainnet and testnet, why it exists several cryptocurrencies or taproot await you on the blog.

You will find additional articles on this blog. Feel free to browse freely through the site's categories.

Note: Not all zonebitcoin blog articles should be considered financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves risks. All information on this site should be considered information. Always verify your information before making decisions.

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