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Here's how to check if bitcoin addresses are fraudulent and blacklisted

3th January 2024

You are no doubt aware that there are scams and scams in the world of traditional finance and this does not escape the cryptocurrency industry. So, you should know that when you receive or send bitcoins, you may be exposed in spite of yourself to an address used by a scammer. However, don't panic, know that most sites and exchanges work with databases to blacklist fraudulent addresses.

However, if you have any doubts about a new address, it may be best to check that the bitcoins received are legitimate and have not been stolen, for example.

In this article, we present solutions for how to detect if bitcoin addresses are blacklisted.

What types of addresses are fraudulent?

Common cryptocurrency scams you should be aware of are:

  • Stolen bitcoins: This is certainly the case that everyone fears. This is why it is good to check bitcoin addresses to be sure of their legitimacy.
  • Ransomware: In these cases, a hacker will use malware to steal the victim's digital files.
  • Diagram of Ponzi : This is the most popular scam. This involves making promises of high returns when in reality there are no services or products. It is the new members who provide the capital to pay it to the previous participants.
  • Sextortion or abuse related to romantic relationships such as Pig Butchering For example. This can also amount to sexual extortion with the sharing of videos or images without people's knowledge, etc.

1/ Chainabuse (formerly Bitcoin Abuse)

bitcoin abuse

Bitcoin Abuse has partnered with Chainabuse recently to be able to target scams not only on the Bitcoin network but also on other blockchains. Thus, Chainavuse is a large public database updated by individuals and industry professionals. This is, it seems, the most complete and accurate database in existence. Every month, thousands of new fraud reports are updated.

On chainabuse, you can easily check the bitcoin addresses which have been exploited and used by scammers, hackers and crypto criminals and finance in general. This is by far the most comprehensive public database of fraudulent Bitcoin addresses. Each month, at least a few thousand reports will be produced.

2/ BitcoinWhosWho

bitcoin blacklist

This is one of the oldest sites for checking if a bitcoin address is in a blacklist. This is the site BitcoinWhoswho which helps all bitcoiners verify the legitimacy of addresses. You can easily check if a bitcoin address has been used by a scammer. To do this, simply copy and paste the address in question to check its status.

If you have been a victim, you can also add an address to a blacklist, in order to warn other users.

2/ Scam Alert

The platform Scam Alert does not only affect bitcoin addresses but all types of online scams in general. Anyone can register and report scams and extortion on fraudulent sites. You can also check a bitcoin address to find out if it is already blacklisted or not.

However, you can use the Scam Alert site for any other site that is not necessarily related to cryptocurrencies. You can enter a website to check the legitimacy of the site or report abuse.

The site works with law enforcement in many countries to protect consumers.

Final word

You now have 3 sites that can help you better know if a bitcoin address is fraudulent or if you are dealing with a scam site.

Do not hesitate to always check the sites on which you want to invest. Do due diligence and always do your own research.

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Note: No financial advice is given in this or any other article on zonebitcoin. This is information of which you are the sole judge and master. Be responsible with your investments and only invest as much as you are willing to lose.

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