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sMiles: Earn bitcoin while walking and take part in treasure hunts!

March 27, 2024

You have certainly already heard of applications that distribute tokens while walking, commonly called “move-to-earn”. Did you know that there is also and above all an application that allows you to earn bitcoin while walking?

It is sMiles app and this is the subject of our article today. With every step you take, every little walk allows you to earn fractions of bitcoin (satoshis).

Even if the amounts are not incredible, we grant you that, it is always nice and pleasant to receive bitcoin, you will say.

🤑 You can now win 1000 satoshis by registering with our sponsorship link “zonebitcoin284".

And, now, without further ado, here is how to use the sMiles application.

How to register for sMiles?

register smiles app bitcoin

To start earning bitcoin with sMiles, nothing could be simpler. You simply need to download the app. The application is available on Android and iOS. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for “sMiles".

Upon registration, you can earn 1000 satoshis directly using the referral code zonebitcoin284 and get additional benefits

Once your account is created, you are ready to start accumulating sats and discovering the application.

How to earn Bitcoins with sMiles?

In fact, in addition to walking, sMiles offers several ways to earn satoshis. There are 3: walking, answering surveys or playing games.

  • Earn bitcoin while walking: First of all, you can earn sats by walking. The app connects to your phone and automatically imports your physical activity data. Every step you take earns you sats. The equation is very simple : The more you walk, the more sats you accumulate.

You don't have to make any special efforts, or play sports or run faster, no. You simply need to walk to generate satoshis.

  • Earn bitcoin with cashback: Besides walking, sMiles offers other ways to earn sats. You can get Bitcoin cashback by making purchases in the app's partner stores. Each purchase earns you a percentage of cashback in sats.
  • Play other games on the app: You can also play games such as Satoshi's Wheel, Fort Nakamoto or even chess to earn even more sats. Finally, by completing surveys you can receive a Bitcoin reward.

The Bitcoinverse: a unique treasure hunt experience to win satoshis

One of the most innovative features of sMiles is the creation of what they call “Bitcoinverse”. This is a space where you can earn even more Bitcoin by visiting partner locations and using the app's NFC technology. All you have to do is go to these places and scan an NFC tag with your phone to be rewarded in sats.

It's a bit like a virtual treasure hunt where you are rewarded for your purchases and your commitment!

We've been testing bitocinverse, and while it's still early days, it's showing great promise. You have a map with the geolocated rewards and you can follow them to achieve them. Once you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is claim your satoshis which you receive directly in your wallet.

How to withdraw your satoshis?

Once you have accumulated a certain number of sats, you can withdraw them to your Bitcoin wallet. sMiles uses the Lightning Network, a payment solution on the Bitcoin blockchain that enables fast and inexpensive transactions. This is ideal for small bitcoin transactions.

To withdraw your sats, simply select the withdrawal option in the app and choose your compatible Bitcoin wallet. Lightning Network. Your sats will be instantly transferred to your wallet, ready to use or save for the future.

For the Lightning wallet, you are spoiled for choice by opting for BlueWallet, Phoenix or even Wallet Of Satoshi if you are a beginner.

Security and privacy with sMiles

When you use sMiles, you can be sure that your data is secure and confidential. The app uses advanced security protocols to protect your personal information and transactions. In addition, sMiles respects your privacy and does not share your data with third parties without your consent. You can therefore enjoy the application with complete peace of mind.

sMiles: a dynamic community

By using sMiles, you join a vibrant community of people passionate about bitcoin. You can interact with other users in the app, share your experiences and ask questions. Additionally, sMiles regularly organizes events and competitions where you can earn even more sats. Join the sMiles community today and be part of the Bitcoin revolution!


Unlike other “move-to-earn” applications that promise you to earn tokens, sMiles allows you to earn bitcoin. In the long term and for bitcoiners, this is a preferred application, it seems to us.

In addition, as we have seen, with sMiles, you are rewarded during your walks but also with other activities. It's an innovative, simple and enjoyable way to earn Bitcoins by being active and carrying out your daily activities.

Walk, take walks in the bitcoinverse, find satoshis on the street, go shopping, play games and answer surveys to accumulate satoshis.

Download the app now, use the referral code [zonebitcoin284] and start earning Bitcoins just by walking!


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