breez wallet bitcoin review

Breez Wallet review: Accept bitcoin LN payments the easy way

22th November 2023

Wallet Breez has greatly increased in popularity among the bitcoin community and with the explosion in the use of the Lightning network. Breez is a non-custodial wallet with features for all types of Bitcoin users, including Podcast 2.0 and a payment tool for merchants who want it.

We have tested and used Breez for both personal and professional use and here is everything you need to know about Breez Wallet. This article will help you better know if this is the wallet that suits you best.

Breez Wallet Overview

For all Bitcoin users who want to stay in control and maintain their privacy, Breez could be the ideal wallet, even more so if you plan to accept payments as a merchant using Bitcoin's Lightning network.

You should know that Breez is primarily a mobile wallet with an application to download, available on Android and iOS.

How to use Breez

To use the Breez wallet, you must already be familiar with the concepts of non-custodial wallet. In French, this translates to self-custody or the expression “non-custodian”. This means that it is not the company or developers behind Breez who “keep” your private key. It's you and that's why this type of wallet is highly recommended. It is important that you have control over your finances. When it comes to Bitcoin, this means having a non-custodial wallet that ensures you have absolute control over your funds.

Concretely, this means that it is up to you to protect your seed phrase (list of words that must be noted in order) to have access to your wallet. Only you have this access, and this is also why you should not disclose your seed phrase.

What are the features of Breez?

Here are the features of the Breez wallet:

  • A non-custodial Bitcoin wallet : You can, of course, send and receive bitcoin and also use the Lightning network to save on fees.
  • Compatible with the Lightning network:
  • Podcasting player 2.0 : It is possible to listen to podcasts on the application and support content creators with micro-donations.
  • A point of sale for traders: It is possible to accept Lightning payments without KYC.
  • Lightning Service Provider : The wallet provides liquidity and connectivity to the Lightning Network. It is also possible to connect directly to different Lightning applications such as Bitrefill, The Bitcoin Company, LNmarkets, Geyser, lightsats, Boltz, and many others.

What is Podcast 2.0?

Breez has launched an interesting feature for those who listen to podcasts. If this is you, you can discover a list of podcasts to which you can send satoshis and help the broadcasters.

In this way, you can participate in the ecosystem and the new podcast business model using the Lightning network, ideal for micropayments. This helps influencers and content creators not rely on sponsors or advertising. With Breez Podcast 2.0, it is then possible for people who listen to support the podcasters by paying micro-donations in bitcoin by clicking on the “boots” button. You can also decide not to share satochis with podcasts, of course.

👋 If you are a podcast fan, do not hesitate to consult our article on the Fountain application which also allows you to earn satoshis by listening to podcasts.

How to use point of sale for merchants?

In fact, Breez is highly rated by professionals for its POS functionality. It is indeed possible for merchants to use Breez POS to accept bitcoin payments.

Point of sale features allow merchants to have a calculator (to estimate the price in bitcoin or dollars/euros) and the ability to add prices for the products that are being sold.

breeze functionality

The merchant can also add different items with the indicated price, which greatly facilitates the visibility of his offers and payment. He can also write the total amount on his keyboard and send it or present it directly to his customer. The customer just has to scan the QR-Code to make the payment.

In this way, the Breez POS is very practical because it is possible to issue an invoice that customers can pay directly by scanning a QR-Code. Likewise, the buyer can then receive a receipt for their payment. This allows the merchant to have an easy accounting system for sales made in bitcoin.

QR CODE scanner on breez wallet

Note that the merchant can display prices in the currency of his choice. Thus, the buyer will pay for the product according to the current price of bitcoin. This then allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments based on updated bitcoin prices.

How does storage and private keys work on Breez?

We hit the most sensitive point of the Breez wallet. If you use other Lightning wallets like Blue Wallet or Phoenix, the system used by Breez may confuse you at first. This is perfectly normal, rest assured.

In fact, when you create your wallet, Breez will offer to make a backup of your wallet which you can also choose to ignore if you wish. This backup will be stored in Google Drive, Apple Cloud or a server of your choice. This allows you to access it at any time even if your device breaks or you lose it, for example.

However, for privacy and security concerns, it's perfectly understandable if you don't want to back up your data to Google Drive. You are not the only one in this situation, as you can imagine. However, it is possible (and recommended) to add an additional layer of encryption to make your backup more secure. In other words, you will be able to decrypt this backup with a 12-word phrase provided by Breez when creating your backup.

What are Breez’s fees?

Breez Wallet is a Lightning service provider, which means the wallet charges you for certain services with included fees to use them. However, the fees are minimal and are charged during transactions to facilitate the user experience.

Here are the fees Breez charges depending on the services you use:

  • Setup fees (channel creation). To make payments on the Lightning it will cost between 2500 sats + 0,4% of the incoming payment. However, you won't have to pay this every time. This only applies for initial channel setup.
  • Routing costs: You only pay them when you make a payment through the Breez node and they generally have a base fee of 1 satoshi in most cases. You probably won't notice them, because they are really faint.
  • The costs of sending satoshis to podcast. This will cost you a maximum of 5% of the amount, which is actually part of Breez's business model as a podcasting platform provider. This is also how Breez manages to cover his maintenance costs for the podcast.

What are the disadvantages of Breez?

As is the case with all wallets, Breez Wallet also has its shortcomings and drawbacks. Breez's biggest flaw seems to be its private key backup system.

Another downside likely comes from the fact that merchants cannot accept stablecoins. This remains an excellent wallet for accepting bitcoin payments (which is the goal sought by bitcoiners). However, for those who want to accept stablecoins for easier accounting or to offer fixed prices, this could be a turnoff for them.

Breez is a fairly easy wallet to use overall. Although it may add more Lightning apps and features in the future. The application may seem light in terms of functionality. However, the wallet, for now, offers the basic functionality one needs to use Bitcoin.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Breez

– The wallet has a user-friendly design, simple to understand and use
– It offers a POS for merchants
– It offers Lightning services
– Responsive customer support by email and on Telegram with comprehensive tutorials and guides
– Fees are higher compared to other Lightning wallets
– Few features
– No stablecoins for traders

Final verdict on Breez

For our final opinion, we can say that we can be satisfied with the Breez wallet. It's an easy-to-use wallet that can be particularly useful for merchants who want to accept bitcoin payments.

In fact, we think it's most useful for merchants and companies looking for a Lightning provider. However, it remains a very good non-custodial mobile wallet for people who want to make it easy to use.

However, the fact that you have to pay (even simple fees) for the initial configuration of the wallet can be a barrier to the adoption of bitcoin. In fact, at first glance, this is not the portfolio that we would recommend to complete novices.

Breez FAQ

Is it possible to have Breez on iOS and Android and switch between them?

It is perfectly possible to have a Breez application on two phones simultaneously and using the same account. This can be practical if you have several phones for example. All you have to do is retrieve the backup from one via Google Drive and import it to the other phone.

Is it really secure to save your keys on the Cloud?

This is the fear of many users. In fact, it's understandable to be afraid that your backup will be copied or stolen by hackers who take over your Google Drive. It is for this reason that we recommend running your own cloud server if you want to do this and especially adding an extra layer of encryption.

Is customer support responsive?

Breez Wallet has provided numerous tutorials and guides to help you set up your wallet. There are also several ways to contact the Breez team directly by email or by completing the form on the site directly.

Is the Breez wallet suitable for traders?

Yes, precisely, the Breez wallet is perfectly suited to traders, consultants or to freelancers who want to accept bitcoin payments, via the Lightning network.

What are the Breez Wallet alternatives?

In terms of wallets compatible with the Lightning Network which is mobile, we can cite BlueWallet, Phoenix Wallet or in custodial mode, the WalletOfSatoshi solution (for beginners).

For the most advanced bitcoin wallets in terms of security, you have the choice between Samourai Wallet, Electrum or even Wasabi wallet.


We provide independent reviews of Bitcoin-related products and services without receiving any funding or sponsorship. For some links, we may receive a commission. 



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Breez Wallet is a Lightning Network compatible wallet that also allows merchants to accept bitcoin payments easily

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