Get 10% back in Bitcoin on your travels on Travala!

Traveling with cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more popular, and, a flight and hotel booking platform is now offering a Bitcoin discount to travelers who use their service.

Whether booking a hotel or a flight on Travale, it is now possible to benefit from a beautiful 10% cashback in bitcoin. This then allows you to save money while traveling and to be able to save bitcoin for a future trip or to increase your capital.

In this article, we'll look at the details of this offer (which may not be for everyone) and how you can benefit from it.

The advantages of traveling with bitcoin

Bitcoin has quickly become one of the main payment methods accepted by, accounting for approximately 9% of total travel bookings. This cryptocurrency is increasingly recognized as a legitimate and convenient form of payment. While it may be difficult for many people around the world to pay in their national currencies, with Travala everyone has access.

cashback works

Juan Otero, CEO of, highlights Bitcoin's growing mainstream appeal:

“By allowing travelers to receive Bitcoin discounts on travel bookings through the AVA Smart program, it broadens the appeal of using cryptocurrencies for everyday use and makes it easier to use these rewards initiatives effectively .” Bitcoin cashback program's Bitcoin cashback program offers 10% Bitcoin cashback on travel booking payments. This offer is applicable to a wide range of travel options, including over 3 million flights, hotels and activities worldwide. Bitcoin remittance is credited to users' accounts within 24 hours of travel completion, marking a change from traditional remittance systems which often require longer processing times.

How to benefit from the Bitcoin cashback program?

travala travel site

To access the Bitcoin discount program, you must be a member of the loyalty program. There are different loyalty programs and each requires a number of AVA tokens to be part of it.

To buy AVA tokens, you can buy them directly on the site or on an exchange platform like Binance for example.

While the “Steel”, “Bronze” or “Silver” levels offer you cashback in the AVA cryptocurrency, only the higher levels, namely Platinum and Diamond, offer you cashback in bitcoin. The Platinum level will require you to have 2500 AVA tokens. The Diamond plan requires ownership of an NFT in addition to AVA tokens. Travel Tiger NFTs are unique tokens limited to only 1 copies in circulation. These NFTs have a minimum value of 000 Ethereum (ETH), or approximately $2,6 at current market rates. users can use their Bitcoin rewards in a variety of ways. They can use them for future travel bookings or withdraw them to other cryptocurrency wallets, platforms or exchanges. This flexibility allows travelers to maximize the use of their Bitcoin rewards.

The advantages and disadvantages of the program

Let's start with the benefits.

  • You benefit from other interesting benefits such as a concierge service, access to VIP rooms and lounges in airports.
  • You can get 10% cashback in bitcoin, which can be doubly interesting if bitcoin increases in value over time.
  • You have access to discounts on hotels and flights.
  • You can pay in bitcoin but in several other cryptocurrencies. It is then a practical way to spend your cryptocurrencies in a simple way.
  • You can also combine these cashbacks with others bitcoin cashback !

Of course, the program is interesting in idea. However, there is also a downside above all.

  • You must purchase AVA tokens to be part of the program. It's a certain amount (currently around $2500) and even if there are interesting advantages for travelers, it can involve a risk of loss of capital. Here, what we must remember is that tokens can suffer losses and it is possible that tokens lose their values ​​over time.

However, remember that if you have 2500 AVA tokens, you always remain a member of the program, regardless of whether the value of the token decreases or not.

Finally, you can simply use Travala without trying to get cashback but simply to pay for your trip in cryptocurrency, which is already very useful and practical in itself.

Travel in bitcoin

In absolute terms, paying for your trip in bitcoin has several advantages. Using Bitcoin can reduce transaction fees and the risk of refund fraud. Customers enjoy the convenience of receiving their rewards in a widely accepted and easy to manage form of payment. This is why there are more and more travel sites that accept bitcoin payment.

The introduction of Bitcoin-based rewards to the travel industry is a response to changing loyalty preferences. Traditional points-based systems are losing effectiveness, while demand for more innovative incentive programs is increasing. By integrating Bitcoin rewards, offers a modern and attractive alternative for today's travel enthusiasts and bitcoin holders in general.

The impact of the AVA Foundation

The AVA Foundation plays a key role in the development of the decentralized loyalty ecosystem based on the AVA token. Using blockchain technology, the AVA Foundation aims to modernize and improve traditional loyalty programs, providing users with benefits and access in the cryptocurrency space.

So far, the AVA Foundation has distributed over $2,1 million in AVA token travel rewards through the AVA Smart program. Integrating direct Bitcoin rewards will reach an additional audience of travelers looking for ways to save on their travels.

Conclusion's Bitcoin Cashback program offers an exciting opportunity for travelers to receive 10% Bitcoin cashback on their travel bookings.

For information, at zonebitcoin, we have been users of the platform for a very long time. We certainly have AVAs, but we use the platform more to pay in bitcoin for our travel than for the cashback itself 😉

Travelers can now enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin while exploring the world.

And, you, will you book your next flight with Travale?


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