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Here are the 7 platforms for freelancers paid in cryptocurrencies

December 19, 2018

Being paid in bitcoin or receiving your salary in cryptocurrency is a highly sought-after trend lately. As the Bitcoin craze grows every day, why not start work in and get paid in cryptocurrency?

This is an increasingly sought-after option, especially if you are or want to become a freelancer or if you already are. Besides, you don't have to have classic freelancer skills. The good news is that you can sell any type of service in exchange for bitcoin.

There are in fact two main categories on the sites that allow you to be paid in bitcoin.

  • Freelance sites (there, you will be paid in exchange for “real” work)
  • Small task sites (here, it’s about being paid in exchange for a service)

We have therefore listed for you the two types of sites which allow you to be paid in bitcoin. In exchange for work, you will be paid in cryptocurrency. Great, right?

The advantages of being a bitcoin freelancer

Freelance sites paid in bitcoin risk becoming platforms widely used by freelancers around the world. Whereas on traditional platforms, the fees are enormous. This goes up to 20% for platforms like UpWork or Fiverr. This is really too much and it will reduce your salary considerably. But it's not just the costs that make the difference. There are many other advantages to using platforms that pay in bitcoin. v

Here are the advantages of platforms that pay freelancers in bitcoin:

  • Almost zero fees! We are very far from the 20% of other freelance platforms! In fact, you really get paid for the work you do. There is no third party involved in payment. As a result, the facts are negligible. You have negligible withdrawal fees! From the ogre of 50 cents for each withdrawal.
  • Classic platforms keep your money for at least 2 weeks for validation. It's still a huge waste of time. If you want to earn bitcoins quickly, then platforms that pay in bitcoin are for you.
  • You can sell your bitcoins in euros easily and get income that you can use in everyday life.
  • Everyone can work. No need for a bank account, PayPal, Neteller or anything else. All you need is a bitcoin wallet and address.
  • You get paid in bitcoin! And, so you have a portfolio that can be worth gold in the years to come!

1/ Plebwork: The bitcoin freelancer platform


transparent in Bitcoin. Whether you need writing services, graphic design, web development or marketing consulting, PlebWork connects you with talented professionals ready to meet your needs.

The platform offers many advantages:

  1. Fast and Transparent Transactions : Bitcoin payments enable fast, borderless transactions. No more waiting times and high fees!
  2. Qualified Professionals : We only use highly qualified and experienced freelancers. Each freelancer on PlebWork is carefully selected to guarantee quality service.
  3. Flexibility : Whether you are a freelancer looking for assignments or a business in need of services, PlebWork offers a flexible platform to meet all your needs.

2/ LaborX : Find a freelancer paid in multiple cryptocurrencies

LaborX is a new platform that allows you to find freelancers paid in all kinds of cryptocurrencies. You can register on the platform by email or even directly with your compatible web3 wallet, such as Metamask.

On the platform, you can find profiles that interest you or post a mission so that freelancers apply directly. You can choose them according to their skills or the prices displayed.

So you can pay according to the network of your choice. For example, you can pay on the Polygon network, BNB Chain, Trop and even on Ethereum. However, the gas fees being sometimes high on the Ethereum network, it is then advisable to opt for other networks.

3/ Blocklancer : Ideal for blockchain developers

paid in bitcoin

we have heard a lot about this platform including theICO who was linked to him. Its ergonomics and professionalism already show their ambition: to become the fiverr in cryptomonnaie.

There you can put your ads (your gigs) and people click on your offer. It works like with Fiverr. In other words, it is the freelancers who sell their skills. This is a method that I personally like a lot. Indeed, once you fill out your profile and your “gig”, then you just have to wait for the buyers to come through.

On other platforms, it's the opposite. It is the project leaders who post jobs. This will depend on your neck and your preferences. You prefer to respond to job assignments or, on the contrary, list your skills. It's up to you, as they say.

This is the ideal platform for you if you are a freelancer expert in ICOs or blockchains. Moreover, if you have a business linked to blockchain, this is clearly the platform to use if you are looking for specific skills. And if you want to get paid in bitcoin, of course, it's a very good platform.

4/ BitcoinJobs  : Jobs to get paid in bitcoin

BitcoinJobs is also very well known and widely used among freelancers paid in bitcoin. You can find all kinds of jobs. Jobs to be a writer in the bitcoin field. Developer jobs in the blockchain field. In short, you can find everything on the platform. This is becoming a reference site for finding a job in blockchain.

5/ The forum Job4bitcoin on Reddit

Yes on Reddit, it is the very basis; Where it all began, let's say. All the crypro-enthusiasts are on Reddit. As a result, there are also communities who use it to post jobs or missions related to crypto. register on the account and watch from time to time. You will certainly find what you are looking for!

get paid in bitcoin

6/ Bitgigs : The oldest mini-job site paid in cryptocurrency

bitgigs freelancer site

On this site, you can find all kinds of small jobs that pay in bitcoin. You can also list your own missions. In a way, you publish an ad where you say what you can do in exchange for bitcoin. For example, people post ads saying they can help you optimize your social media presence in exchange for bitcoin. Others even offer to be your virtual assistant in exchange for bitcoin.

You understand. You can post anything on Bitgig. This is also why the site remains very interesting and daring. You can find all kinds of missions. Some are downright weird, like this one who offers to send you a photo of her breasts with your name written on it.

Besides, while writing this article, I found missions and jobs so strange and funny that I really have to write an article dedicated to it!

There you go, on this site, you are free! You can post anything you want and you might find a buyer. Don't be afraid to post your ad. There is in fact an anonymity system on the site. You can therefore publish your ad without fear of being recognized.

This may be an excellent option if you want to test a more or less bizarre service.

7/ Microcast : A site to find mini jobs paid in satoshis

microlaunch job bitcoin

In fact, I already wrote an article to tell you how you can earn bitcoins by helping people. Well, Microcast is the ideal site for this. The design of the site is somewhat old but some offers may be interesting. However, it is a site that operates on an auction system. This can be unsettling for first-time users.

Sites that pay in bitcoin in exchange for service

If you are looking for small additional income in bitcoin and you do not have freelance skills. Then this is just ideal for you. Indeed, freelancer platforms that pay in bitcoin are generally aimed at traditional freelancers. Yes, you need to have your own skills and skills to sell. Ideally, be a writer, developer, graphic designer, designer etc. It is with these skills that you will (more easily) win a mission.

Sites that pay in bitcoin in exchange for bitcoin exist! This remains very similar to freelancer platforms. That said, jobs are more like personal missions.

(Besides, for freelancers or liberal professions, there is now a schedule for making an appointment to be paid in bitcoin: )

I also created a video on the subject:

That's it, I hope now you know more about how you can get paid in bitcoin and can take advantage of it!

Note: This article is not investment advice. Always do your own research before investing.

To buy cryptocurrencies (simple way):

  • Go to Binance (Complete crypto trading platform)

To generate interest on your cryptocurrencies:

  • Public chat Youhodler (Earn up to 12% interest)

To secure your cryptocurrencies:

To have fun and play


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