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MullVad: The VPN payable in bitcoin that (really) protects your privacy

30th January 2024

You may have heard of MullVad VPN? It is an open source and independent VPN provider based in Sweden. VPN has earned its reputation for its high standards of security and confidentiality. Although other VPN providers like NordVPN claim that this is also the case, it turns out that there is a very pronounced concern for privacy. There is no need to register with an email address for example and you can also pay in bitcoin.

This explains why it is a VPN that is particularly popular with the community of bitcoiners and cryptocurrency holders. Indeed, by not requiring personal data to register and use it, this VPN is of interest to those who want to remain private on the internet.

Discover in this article our complete opinion on the Mullvad VPN.

MullVad VPN Overview

MullVad VPN

VPN MullVad simple and user-friendly that easily stands out from other VPNs. Overall, Mullvad stands out when it comes to privacy, security, and transparency. The fact that Mullvad is open source software also speaks volumes about the company's ethics.

Le VPN does not require any personal information to sign up and use its service – not even an email address or username. When you create an account, Mullvad generates a unique, random 16-digit account number that you use to log in.

The Internet has become a marketplace where everyone is constantly monitored by commercial companies and authorities. 

Server speed

MullVad VPN has over 800 servers currently, with 68 locations in over 38 countries. Mullvad is very fast and has no reason to be ashamed of the competition. Indeed, remember that in general, when you connect to a VPN, you can lose connection speed. However, with MullVad, the speed weakness is less: It is around 20% whereas with certain competitors, the speed can be reduced by half. So this is a very good point for this VPN.

The total average speed connected through Mullvad servers is around 278,72 Mbps. This is a very good average. Some servers, like in the USA or Australia, are even faster and others are less so. It will therefore depend on the geographical position you choose.

So, overall MullVad is a fast VPN that can provide sufficient performance for all types of activities, even those that require a fast connection like video calls or streaming for example.

MullVad security and privacy

MullVad's encryption is 256-bit AES, which is the industry standard. Likewise, the software has DNS leak and kill switch protection. These protections are enabled by default and cannot be disabled by users. The entire security structure would then be missing.
It should be understood that Mullvad takes security and privacy seriously.

Remember that to use MullVad, you will not be asked for your identity document.

Mullvad claims that the company does not record any of your activities when you use the service. Your login timestamps, IP addresses, DNS queries, bandwidth and traffic are never logged or stored by the company, according to its privacy policy. This means that nothing can be traced back to your account number and nothing you do online while using Mullvad can be traced back to you personally.

However, this is what is written on the privacy policy. We cannot be 100% sure that they respect their conditions.

That's because even though Mullvad says it doesn't log users' IP addresses, when you log in to Wireguard, your IP address is temporarily stored in memory during the connection. Wireguard deletes data when a server is restarted or the Wireguard interface restarts, but Mullvad goes a step further and says it deletes the public IP address and any previous information once the connection has been established.

The kill switch (emergency stop)

The Kill switch, which we call the emergency stop in French, is automatically activated with MullVad when you move from one server to another. The connection is therefore protected even during a passage of this type. You should know that the kill switch is a very secure function which is not necessarily offered by others VPN.

Protect yourself on the internet with the MullVad browser

When you visit a site, you should know that you can be identified and even tracked using your IP address. This is possible through the use of third-party cookies and tracking scripts that record your browser's fingerprints. Hiding your IP is not enough to prevent data collection.

This is why it is important to use a browser that protects you from these intrusions. MullVad has implemented (by partnering with Tor) a browser designed to reduce tracking of your interactions on the internet.

So, in addition to VPN, MullVad also offers a secure browser that protects your policy and which can be very useful depending on your profile and your objectives.

MullVad browser

MullVad transparency

Mullvad VPN is owned by a company in Sweden and was co-founded by Daniel Berntsson and Fredrik Strömberg. Swedish jurisdiction can be problematic because the country has a rather strict approach to surveillance programs.

However, Mullvad appears transparent throughout its site but the company does not publish an annual report on its balance sheets and legal requirements in relation to the Swedish regulatory framework.

What about customer service?

Yes, MullVad has customer service but it remains limited depending on customer expectations. There is no live chat but there is email support which is very responsive.
Likewise, the site has a large database, resources and guides to help you if you encounter any problems.

How much does MullVad cost?

To use MullVad, it will cost you around €5 per month, without commitment. You do not have to have a long-term subscription to use MullVad. This is what makes MullVad so different from the rest.

It is cheaper than other VPNs like NordVpn For example. It will depend on what you are looking for and your budget of course.

The payment options are numerous and varied: by purchasing cards on Amazon, paying with PayPal, credit card and also and of course in Bitcoin (and this is what we like the most, as you can imagine). It is even possible to pay in cash, by sending the money in an envelope. This then allows you to remain completely anonymous.

mullvad vPN on amazon

The money back guarantee is 30 days.

How to register and use MullVad?

Signing up for MullVad is very quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Register on the site which will generate “an account number” for you. This is the equivalent of your identity on the site. You do not need to enter an email so this will be equivalent and protect your privacy.
  • This account number is the only thing you need to connect to Mullvad VPN. The site does not ask you for an email address, telephone number, or any other personal information.
  • You have to pay 5€ per month which you can pay occasionally or on a recurring basis.
  • Now you can download theMullvad VPN app, enter your account number and that's it!

Good to know: You can use your account on up to 5 devices. This makes it an ideal solution if you have multiple computers within your household, for example.

Is MullVad right for you?

So, if really, a person looking for very high confidentiality like a journalist for example will have to think twice before choosing MullVad. It is not so much for the software as for the fact that the country can enact laws contrary to the principle of respect for private life.

For all other users such as those who want a VPN for sports betting in bitcoin for example can easily choose MullVad. For other uses, it is also a very good choice of VPN.

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Note: We do not give financial advice. Always do your own research. We were not paid to produce this review.


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