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Discover Orange Pill App 💊: The app to meet bitcoiners IRL

16th May 2023

There are different more or less interesting and useful applications within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Today we wanted to tell you about the Orange Pill App because we think it's worth a look.

Available on iOS or Android, Orange Pill App allows you to find bitcoiners who are geographically close to you. It is also possible to discover all the bitcoin events which are held a few kilometers from your location and to discover stores that accept bitcoin payment.

It is therefore an ideal application if you are looking to meet Bitcoin supporters or if you are traveling and looking to make new acquaintances.

The idea of ​​Orange Pill App is to allow the community of bitcoiners all over the world to be able to meet and discuss, in real life or on the application's chat.

Orange Pill App: Expand the community of bitcoiners around the world

Orange Pill App also allows you to discover new people who appreciate bitcoin, bitcoin events that are organized near you and also find stores that accept bitcoin.

Orange Pill App has formed a partnership with to be able to access the global map of all stores that accept payment in bitcoin. If you are traveling abroad, this map on the application can be of great help to you.

For merchants who wish to find new customers, it is a godsend to be registered on the card.

In addition, and it is with this functionality that Orange Pill App became known, it is possible to discover events taking place nearby. If you are organizing a bitcoin event, then you can also add yours in just a few clicks and find new participants.

Chat with personalities from the Bitcoin ecosystem

It is therefore a useful application that will allow you to connect with new people and discover new events in just a few clicks.

You should know that anyone can contact you once you are on the application with a system avoiding all forms of harassment.

It is, in fact, possible to send a single message to members and if the recipient agrees to discuss, then the discussions are open.

This has been well designed to avoid receiving messages in massive quantities, which can happen if you have a certain reputation in the industry. This also allows you to interact in a healthy way with members of the group. bitcoin community.

Indeed, there are many personalities listed on Orange Pill App as the author of the book “Bitcoin Stallion” by Saif Annmous. You will find on the application bitcoin maximalists who have a certain notoriety as well as anonymous members.

orange pill

How to register?

To register on Orange Pill App, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is register with an email address on which you will receive an activation code.

You should also know that the application is paid with an annual or lifetime Subscription that can only be paid in satoshis ;).

There are 3 levels of registration on the application:

storm pill
  • 100 satoshis (000 BTC) = Annual subscription
  • 300 satoshi (000 BTC) = Lifetime subscription
  • 500 satoshis (000 BTC) = Lifetime subscription with a sponsor of 0,005 people living in El Salvador.

💊 The expression “Orange Pill” which means “orange pill” is a very common expression among bitcoiners which refers to the symbols of the pills used in the film Matrix. The idea is that once swallowed, you see the world differently because you see beyond simple appearances. When we help people understand what Bitcoin is, we say that we have “orange tree plunder” people or that orange pills were distributed…

We registered on the platform and we think that this type of application is of great interest in uniting the community around the world.

It is certain that thehyperbitcoinization the world is on the move 😉


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