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PlebWork: A bitcoin freelancer platform

The world of independent work and freelancing is evolving rapidly, and with the emergence of bitcoin, new opportunities are presenting themselves to freelancers. Thus, the launch of a new bitcoin freelance platform as PlebWork is proof of this: It is a platform that allows freelancers to earn Bitcoins for their work. The marketplace also allows companies to post jobs and work related to Bitcoin.

In this article, we will explore this platform in detail and how it offers new possibilities to professionals, consultants and freelancers around the world.

What is PlebWork?

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PlebWork is a freelance platform dedicated to the world of Bitcoin. Unlike traditional freelancing platforms, PlebWork focuses exclusively on freelancers who have expertise in the Bitcoin field. Even more, it is also aimed at freelancers who also wish to be paid in bitcoin. The platform then offers a space where freelancers can find part-time jobs with companies operating in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Until now, many Bitcoin businesses have had to rely on general freelance platforms that don't specifically meet their needs. By offering a dedicated marketplace for Bitcoin-related projects, PlebWork hopes to facilitate the process of finding and hiring freelancers while promoting the adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment for independent work.

How does PlebWork for freelancers work?

PlebWork works simply and transparently. Here are the steps to start earning Bitcoins for freelancers using this platform:

  1. Create a profile: Freelancers can create a profile that highlights their skills and talents. It is important to clearly describe your expertise in the field of Bitcoin to attract companies in the sector.
  2. Find Jobs: The platform offers a wide selection of part-time Bitcoin jobs. Freelancers can browse jobs and apply to those that best match their skills.
  3. Earn Bitcoins: Once hired, the freelancer will receive remuneration in Bitcoins directly in their Bitcoin wallet. PlebWork uses technology BTCPayServer to facilitate payments with complete security and privacy. Payments are made directly to your Bitcoin wallet, providing maximum security and privacy.

The advantages of PlebWork for finding jobs in bitcoin

PlebWork offers many advantages to freelancers specializing in Bitcoin. Here are some of the main benefits of this platform:

  1. Flexibility: Freelancers work on their own terms. They can choose their own schedules and work from anywhere in the world.
  2. Confidentiality: PlebWork allows freelancers to work anonymously, thus preserving their privacy.
  3. Reputation Building: By showcasing their skills on PlebWork, freelancers can slowly but surely build their reputation in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  4. Payments in Bitcoin: PlebWork is a 100% non-custodial platform, meaning freelancers maintain full control over their funds. They are paid in Bitcoins directly in their wallet, whether for a one-off project or regular projects.


PlebWork offers a new perspective for freelancers specializing in Bitcoin. This dedicated platform creates a space where Bitcoin talents can find part-time jobs and get paid in Bitcoins. With its security, confidentiality and ease of use, PlebWork opens new opportunities for freelancers and promotes the adoption of Bitcoin in the world of independent work.

Join PlebWork today and start earning Bitcoins for your work in the Bitcoin ecosystem!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment process work on PlebWork?

Payment processing is managed by PlebWork using BTCPay Server, an open source and non-custodial solution. Freelancers connect their existing portfolio to their PlebWork account, and when it's time to get paid, clients pay them directly. PlebWork generates and shares all necessary invoices for accounting needs.

How much is the PlebWork marketplace commission?

The PlebWork marketplace commission is transparent and simple. It is calculated based on the amount of the transaction and helps cover the operating costs of the platform.

Does PlebWork guarantee the quality of its freelancers?

PlebWork does not directly guarantee the quality of the freelancers present on its platform. However, the platform allows clients to leave ratings and comments on the freelancers they have worked with. This allows future clients to make informed decisions when hiring freelancers.


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