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Swiss Bitcoin Pay: Accept Bitcoin payments for your store

March 9, 2024

The cryptocurrency revolution continues to gain momentum, and more and more merchants (online or physical) are looking to integrate Bitcoin as a means of payment. It's there that Swiss Bitcoin Pay becomes the ideal tool, especially for those looking for a simple and quick solution to implement.

This innovative platform offers a simple and effective solution to allow businesses to accept Bitcoin payments. The application also allows you to receive payments in bitcoin or fiat currencies (12 currencies available).

By combining a very quick to configure Bitcoin payment processor, Swiss Bitcoin Pay provides a smooth and secure experience for merchants. Better yet, the platform also offers NFC cards for customers who also want to pay in bitcoin, with a card.

In short, Swiss Bitcoin Pay provides an optimal solution for merchants and customers who want to use bitcoin as a payment currency.

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The payment processor Swiss Bitcoin Pay

Swiss Bitcoin Pay's Bitcoin payment processor allows online or physical stores to easily integrate Bitcoin into their business. In just one minute, you can start receiving Bitcoin payments with quick setup, without the need for a KYC identification procedure.

Swiss Bitcoin Pay

Initial setup is simple and intuitive, and you can choose to receive your Bitcoins every 24 hours to your own wallet, whether on-chain or via the Lightning network.

Swiss Bitcoin Pay also offers the possibility of receiving payments in Swiss francs or euros by bank transfer, with a maximum fee of 1%. In addition, Swiss Bitcoin Pay always covers Lightning to on-chain conversion and transaction fees, which represents a considerable advantage and cost savings for merchants.

Currently, the list of merchants who already accept Bitcoin as a means of payment with Swiss Bitcoin Pay is constantly growing, across Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, Germany and Italy.

Merchants can bill their customers in Bitcoin simply via the Swiss Bitcoin Pay mobile app, and also share invoices by email or link them to their online stores using the API.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Swiss Pay

  • 🚀 Ability to accept payments in bitcoin or Fiat
  • 🕙 Ease of use with quick installation in less than a minute.
  • 🧑 No KYC required.
  • 🧾 Reducing your transaction fees from 3% to 0%
  • 🌎 Benefit from additional visibility, opening up to a new market and new customers.
  • 🔒 You have 100% control over your funds

Reminder about traditional payment processor fees

Payment fees from traditional payment processors vary depending on several factors, such as transaction type, transaction amount, type of payment card used, etc.

Generally, transaction fees are the most significant fees charged by Visa or Mastercard for example. This is a percentage of the transaction amount taken by the payment processor each time a transaction is made. This percentage may vary depending on the type of payment card used (credit card, debit card, prepaid card, etc.) and the type of transaction (online, in-store, international, etc.). On average, processing fees can be around 0,5% to 4% of the transaction amount.

Choose to receive your funds in bitcoin in Fiat

In the Settings section, it is very easy to configure the method of receiving funds. You can choose to receive your payments only in bitcoin or choose the percentage of your choice.

Regarding fees, note that in bitcoin, the fees are between 0 and 1% and are 1,5% for fees in FIAT.

swiss bitcoin pay

The benefits of accepting bitcoin payments

For a merchant, there are a multitude of advantages to accepting bitcoin payments compared to other payment methods. The most tangible argument is obviously the transaction fees which can rise up to 4% depending on the payment processors.

The other argument in favor of bitcoin is the speed of transactions which are instantaneous with Lightning payment and can take up to 7 days to be delayed for payment by bank card.

benefits for traders

Send bitcoin invoices by email

A very interesting feature of Bitcoin Swiss Pay is certainly the fact that you can also send invoices by email. You can choose the amount and currency of your choice to bill what you want. The invoice is then immediately sent by email. This can be perfectly suitable for freelancers or for agencies who wish to invoice in bitcoin, for example.

swiss bitcoin pay

It is also possible to integrate payment via an API directly into your online store.

Tools for merchant accounting management

Swiss Bitcoin Pay is not just limited to processing Bitcoin payments. The platform also offers cryptocurrency income reporting tools, with a dedicated dashboard to facilitate the accounting of this income. At the end of each month and year, an email is automatically sent with transaction details, including the FIAT value of Bitcoins received during the previous year. It is then an ideal tool to help the taxation of merchants who accept bitcoin.

Additionally, Swiss Bitcoin Pay offers comprehensive training to fill knowledge gaps around Bitcoin technology. Upon registration, the merchant can benefit from one hour of free training and the hourly rate is 100 CHF for additional training. This training and tutorials help businesses and employees to better understand how Bitcoin works, and of course the Swiss Bitcoin Pay payment terminal.

The Swiss Bitcoin Pay card for customers

The Swiss Bitcoin Pay card is another innovation which may this time be of greater interest to individuals who are fans of bitcoin payment.

This NFC card allows users to pay for their purchases in Bitcoin Lightning with a simple gesture. Thanks to unique and secure NFC technology, Bitcoin payments are instant and secure with a simple Tap-to-pay on the terminal.

What is the advantage of NFC cards for paying in bitcoin?

swiss bitcoin card payment

If you often pay in bitcoin with your applications, you know how annoying it can be to take out your smartphone, scan the QR Code, enter a code, etc. There, with the card, it's even faster, especially since it's a payment method to which we are (?) very accustomed.

With minimal transaction fees (because we are in the Lightning network) it facilitates payments in all businesses that accept it, in particular those that use Swiss Bitcoin Pay, BTCPay server, Wallet of Satoshi, Breez and many others.

Additionally, no registration or KYC identification procedure is required (limited to 1 CHF on the card). Here again, Swiss Bitcoin Pay shows us its concern to respect the privacy of customers.

Features of the NFC card:

– Make NFC “tap-to-pay” payments in lightning
– Works worldwide at all merchants that accept contactless Bitcoin-Lightning payments
– No KYC registration (limited to 1000 CHF on the card)
– No payment fees (for merchants using the Swiss Bitcoin Pay service)

How to use the Swiss Bitcoin Pay card?

Once you have the card in your possession, all you need to do is deposit Bitcoins to the card's unique Bitcoin address. This address is linked to a Lightning account at Swiss Bitcoin Pay. The card can then be used at any compatible store.

With the Bitcoin payment processor and the Swiss Bitcoin Pay card, Swiss Bitcoin Pay simplifies, secures and encourages the adoption of Bitcoin with clearly innovative practical solutions.

All you have to do is send bitcoin via the Lightning network to be able to have it and spend your bitcoins wherever you want.


Swiss Bitcoin Pay offers a complete solution for merchants who want to accept Bitcoin payments. With their Bitcoin payment processor and their NFC card, Swiss Bitcoin Pay facilitates the integration of Bitcoin into any business in Europe.

Whether you are an online merchant or a physical store, Swiss Bitcoin Pay offers you a practical, secure and complexity-free solution to finally accept Bitcoin payments and expand your target.


Disclaimer: This does not constitute investment advice. Always do your own research before investing. Our links may contain affiliate links.


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