bitcoin sports betting
bitcoin sports betting

Top 5 of the best Sports Betting sites for betting in Bitcoin in 2024!

The best crypto bookmakers in 2024

Le sports betting in bitcoin is increasingly sought after by punters and bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts. This is especially true during the Football World Cup for example or during sporting events. This allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while having fun. Likewise, the advantages of bitcoin sports betting are mainly the fact that the accounts are anonymous and that withdrawals are faster.

If you like bitcoin sports betting and want to earn bitcoins with it, then this article is written for you. We show you the best bitcoin sports betting sites that bring you big returns.

So it's time for sport and money!

1. Cloudbet : Sports betting in bitcoin with up to 5 BTC bonus!

best bitcoin sports betting site

Very clearly, it is CloudBet which we position in first place. This is the one we use the most for football betting, for example. For its professionalism, the quality and variety of games available. Likewise, the company has existed since 2013, and thereby shows its reliability.

Cloudbet Sports is one of the best-known bitcoin sports betting sites. For me, one of the best in terms of design and variety of games. The site is incredibly built and offers some pretty cool features. The biggest advantage of this platform is that it supports live betting. This means you can bet on the match while it is happening live! Crazy, right?

👍 The minimum deposit has been set at 0,001 BTC and the maximum amount can go up to 200 BTC. Please note that the betting limit is set at 30 BTC for other sports. This means that one can even start betting with small amounts. Once we are more comfortable, we can move up.

When it comes to deposit bonuses, the crypto bookmaker CloudBet is very generous and offers a 100% deposit bonus up to 5 BTC to all its members.

2. The website bitcoin sports betting with bonuses

bitcoin betting site on

If you crave budget-friendly and affordable thrills, then is the solution for you. This sports betting site accepts cryptocurrencies. It is very popular among players because it has no confirmation deposits and no fees. There are the usual betting games on popular sports like football and basketball but also other sports. You can bet in bitcoin with a minimum of 0,001 BTC.

As for offers and promotions, bonuses are not available at the moment. But, some truly profitable promotions could potentially swing the game in your favor, or at least give you a head start.

3. Lolly Bet : The rising sports betting site + 50 free bets

lolly bet sports betting site in bitcoin

Lolly Bet is a bitcoin sports betting site or “crypto bookmaker” in English is very well known and widely used among bettors. The main reason is that it offers higher odds and payouts. Its design and user experience make it one of the sites that is gaining the most popularity. Moreover, you can also play other types of games like casinos for example. Also, and this is what makes it an excellent sports betting site, is its streaming platform. Very high quality videos are available 24 hours a day.

So you can see your best sporting events via the live site on this platform. It's great, isn't it? And what's more, enjoy a huge welcome bonus when you register. In fact, the site doubles your stake immediately after your deposit!

4. The website sportsbet : The easiest to use for sports betting in cryptocurrencies

sportsbet is quite simple to use. The bitcoin sports betting site has a simple approach and offers a wide range of sports to bet on. You can easily find all the major tournaments of this championship on this site. You also have access to a wide range of sports on which to place your bets. The betting options you have are: single and/or multi-bet.

great sports betting site and win cryptocurrencies

Moreover, just like CloudBet, the platform supports live cryptocurrency sports betting. This is great, because this feature is not very widespread in the end. Sportsbet is one of the best sports betting sites and can actually be enjoyed by anyone even a beginner. In fact, it doesn't take much to understand how it works.

The chances of winning are another advantage of this bitcoin sports betting site. You can bet from 0,001 BTC and up to 100 BTC. To talk about the other features they offer exclusively to their customers. There is a reimbursement system for certain limited but very popular sporting events. In fact, a few lucky bettors could win a share of the prize money simply by betting on the game. Regardless of whether their team wins or loses the match. Amazing, right?

Another advantage of the platform: deposits and withdrawals are made almost instantly.

5/ MegaDice : Make a Sports Bet with a big bonus of 1 BTC!

MegaDice is definitely the best bitcoin sports betting site. It is an all-in-one platform where we find a casino area and a space for sports betting in cryptocurrencies. You will have access to a wide choice of sports, ranging from football to horse racing betting, tennis and basketball. You can make single bets or combined bets.

If many players choose MegaDice, it's also for the very interesting welcome bonuses! You can win up to 1 BTC and double your stake! Nothing better to bet and make winnings. Click here to take advantage of your bonus!

The big advantage of MegaDice is that the platform accepts a wide choice of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and also stablecoins.

Anonymity, Speed ​​and Reliability are the three big words that sum up MegaDice. The site allows you to bet directly in cryptocurrencies. This means that your winnings will also be in cryptocurrency and you can then withdraw them immediately. You won't have to send papers or wait for payment to get it straight to your wallet.

Comparison of the best Crypto Sports Betting Bonuses

cloudbet logo

CloudBet: 100% Bonus
up to 5 BTC

  • Crypto Casino and Bookmaker
  • Many games (also live)
  • Interesting odds
  • Instant crypto withdrawals
lolly bet bonus

LollyBet: Up to €300 Bonus

  • Crypto Casino and Bookmaker
  • Interesting odds
  • Many games Welcome bonus up to 1 BTC

  • Nice interface
  • Crypto Casino and Bookmaker
  • Interesting odds
  • Live and stream games

1xBit: Bonus up to 7 BTC!

  • Crypto casino and bookmaker
  • Reputable platform
  • Many live games also
  • Sports betting with attractive odds

Why choose bitcoin sports betting?

You have the list of the best sports betting sites with cryptocurrencies on the market. Now let's go further. THE Bitcoin was revolutionary. In the sense that it has managed to infiltrate almost all of our industries and fields. And that quite quickly. You can now find it everywhere, because all kinds of marketers, resellers and websites. Many now accept bitcoin as payment for their services or products.

In fact, the reason that pushes people to prefer cryptocurrency betting platforms is mainly for the anonymity and speed of transactions.

This also avoids all the documents to be sent to the platforms. So, with cryptocurrencies, bettors deposit and receive their winnings very quickly. It only takes a few minutes or a few hours. It is for the speed of transfers and payments that players prefer platforms that accept bitcoin.

Therefore, after a winning bitcoin sports bet, he just has to click to receive his payment. He receives it directly in his wallet. You have not been asked for any documents.

Cryptocurrency sports betting: how does it work?

Coming back to sport, it is indeed a huge market. As you know, sports is an exciting form of entertainment. Fans tend to be very invested in the sport which interests them like football. This is classic behavior and they feel the need to get as close to the action as possible. Nothing surprising, you might say.

Plus, being able to instantly connect to the current match and win money is definitely a winning combo. Sports betting has been around for years. This promotes excitement among gaming fans. Plus, if you add the dimension of money, it makes it even crazier. This is the case with sports betting, in fact.

How to bet with cryptocurrencies?

To use your cryptocurrencies for sports betting, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet: Choose a secure digital wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. You can opt for an online wallet, hardware wallet, or software wallet, depending on your security preferences.
  2. Buy cryptocurrencies: Use a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase the cryptocurrencies you want to use for betting. You can buy Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies such as Euros or Dollars.
  3. Deposit funds into your online betting account: Access your online betting account and choose the cryptocurrency deposit option. Follow the instructions to transfer funds from your cryptocurrency wallet to your betting account.
  4. Place your bets: Once the funds are deposited into your online betting account, you can start placing bets on the sporting events or games of your choice.
  5. Withdraw your winnings: If you win bets, you can withdraw your winnings in cryptocurrencies to your digital wallet and then convert them to fiat currency if necessary.

It is important to note that gambling with cryptocurrencies also carries risks, including price volatility and the possibility of loss of funds due to fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency. Make sure you bet responsibly and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Earn money by betting on sports in bitcoin?

However, bitcoin sports betting sites are legal and legally registered with a country. Check the legality of the sites you use.

In this article, we tried to show you only the most serious and reliable sites. we tested them all. It is important to note that there are many bitcoin sports betting sites and cryptocurrency sports betting sites. It is therefore impossible to list all the sites. There are literally hundreds of sports gambling sites on the Internet. But that wasn't our intention anyway. We also wanted to show you complete sites that also accept the best bitcoin casinos.

Our goal was to only focus on the best bitcoin sports betting sites as MegaDice For example. The ones you can easily use to bet and win.

Now, we remind you that it is not advisable to play or bet with an amount that you do not have. Bet in a relaxed manner with money you can afford to lose.

What are the best bitcoin sports betting sites in Switzerland?

For Switzerland, there are no obstacles for players and residents. It is then possible for Swiss residents to play on sites like Cloudbet or while being within the rules.

In France, cryptocurrency sports betting is not explicitly regulated by law, and its legality often depends on the interpretation of existing gambling laws. Currently, the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (ARJEL) regulates online sports betting in France, but it has not given authorization for cryptocurrency betting.

Indeed, online betting operators must hold a license issued by ARJEL to operate legally in France. Since most cryptocurrency sports betting operators do not hold this license, it is likely that they are not authorized to offer their services to French residents.

In summary, it is important to check local regulations before participating in sports betting in cryptocurrencies in France to avoid any violation of gambling laws.

How to bet in bitcoin using Neteller?

To bet with Neteller in Bitcoin, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Create account Neteller : If you don't already have a Neteller account, you need to create one. Go to the Neteller website and follow the instructions to register. You will need to provide personal information and choose a secure username and password.
  2. Verifying your account: Once your account is created, you may need to verify it by providing identity documents, such as an ID or passport, as well as proof of address.
  3. Add funds to your Neteller account: After verifying your account, you can add funds to your Neteller account using different accepted payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers or other e-wallets.
  4. Buy Bitcoins : Once you have funds in your Neteller account, you can use those funds to purchase Bitcoins. You can do this by accessing a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts payments through Neteller. Follow the instructions on the exchange to purchase Bitcoins with funds from your Neteller account.
  5. Transfer your Bitcoins to the betting site: After purchasing Bitcoins, you can transfer them to the online betting site of your choice. Go to the deposits or payments section on the betting site and select Bitcoin as your deposit method. You will then need to provide your Bitcoin wallet address and the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Start betting: Once the Bitcoins are transferred to your online betting account, you can start betting using this currency. Search for available sporting events or games and place your bets as usual.

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Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. Every investment involves risks. Online games like cryptocurrency sports betting carry risks. Always do your own research.


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  1. I use 1xbit for two years and it works very well. I also do sports betting in basketball. Can you write an article about it?

  2. The best sports betting, I think, is with tennis and basketball, because football sports betting is too invasive with low odds. You should talk about the odds, that's the most important thing.

  3. thank you for this article and this information I was looking for sites to make bets with cryptos and like that, avoid the fees and especially the papers that must be sent. I hope they are reliable sites.

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